DE - Competence in stainless steel

Dillinger Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH, or DE for short, is a 100% subsidiary of DF - Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche GmbH. This is one of the leading manufacturers of perforated plates in Europe and has been successfully active in the production and further processing of perforated plates since 1895.


In April 2005, DE was separated from Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche and made independent as a GmbH. DE's strategic goal is to further expand its independent product range in the field of high-grade steel and stainless steel processing with special demands on appearance and quality.


DE's own production halls and machinery designed for the manufacture of high-quality, sophisticated products guarantee the highest possible quality of products, which is consistently tailored to customer requirements. With the aim of making the best possible use of synergy effects, both companies work together reciprocally, and thus benefit from the production possibilities of the respective partner.


We would like to present a small impression of our company in a short film.




Dillinger Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG
Franz-Méguin-Straße 20
D-66763 Dillingen

Tel  +49 6831 7003-0
Fax +49 6831 7003-579

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