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Dillinger Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG

Franz-Méguin-Straße 20

D-66763 Dillingen


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Graduate engineer, Business studies graduate Hans-Ulrich Koch

Authorised officer Andreas Poss


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HRA 11278


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DE 283983946

Exclusion of liability

1. Content of online product offer - DILLINGER EDELSTAHLVERARBEITUNG GmbH & Co. KG – hereinafter termed DE for short – assumes no guarantee whatsoever for the up-to-date nature, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. As a general rule, liability claims against DE related to damage of a material or ideal nature and caused by the usage or non-usage of the information offered and/or by the usage of defective and incomplete information are excluded to the extent that DE cannot be verifiably proven to have acted either wilfully or in gross negligence. All offers are subject to amendment and are non-binding. DE reserves the explicit right to amend, supplement or delete sections of the site or the entire product offer or discontinue publication temporarily or finally without having to specifically announce its intention to do so.


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To the extent that direct or indirect reference is made to such links as are outside DE’s area of responsibility, then DE is only liable in cases where DE is aware of the content and DE would have been technically and reasonably capable of preventing usage in respect of illegal content. As far as any other content and above all damage caused by the usage or non-usage of any such information offered is concerned, the suppliers of the given websites are solely liable, not those parties merely referring to the publications concerned via links.

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The copyright for self-produced items and the publication of same remains solely with DE. Any reproduction or usage of graphics, sounds or texts in other electronically playable or printed publications is not allowed without DE’s explicit consent.

4. Legal validity
This exclusion of liability is to be considered a part of the Internet product offer from which the reference to the given website emanated. To the extent that parts or individual formulations of the text concerned do not comply at all, any more or completely with the legal situation prevailing at the given time, then the other parts of the document remain unaffected by this in terms of their content and validity.

5. Data protection
Such data as is transmitted to DE for the purposes of receiving information or services is logged, processed and stored by DE in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations set out in the BDSG (German Data Protection Act). Personal data will be treated in the strictest confidence and under no circumstances forwarded to third parties.

Dillinger Edelstahlverarbeitung GmbH & Co. KG
Franz-Méguin-Straße 20
D-66763 Dillingen

Tel  +49 6831 7003-0
Fax +49 6831 7003-579

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